Monday, October 8, 2012

Makeup Class

Fall seems like the perfect time to sign up for a class to learn something new, doesn't it?  I just finished my photography class, and this week I'm going to a makeup class.

Here's my confession: I'm 30 and I still haven't mastered makeup yet!  It's a skill that I imagine most women developed in high school.  Um, I think I was absent the day that every other girl learned how to apply eyeliner.  I'm super excited for my class and, hopefully, I'll come away with some new tips and tricks.

The instructor asked us each to bring in three of our favorite makeup products.  I only have one: Laura Mercier Cheek Colour.  Have you ever tried it?

Laura Mercier - Second Skin Cheek Colour

What are your favorite makeup products?  Or, are you like me and can only think of one product? :)

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