Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

I was looking forward to Friday night dinner all day at work. Dave and I dined at the Sergeantsville Inn. The restaurant is in a cozy old stone building and we were lucky enough to snag one of the coveted fireside tables. I had pheasant and mushroom risotto - so good!

I woke up to snow on Saturday morning. I love the surprise of finding a snowy scene outside my bedroom window when I get up in the morning. I went to yoga, cleaned my house a bit, and treated myself to a new pair of moccasins. I've been spying a lot of cozy moccasins on blogs lately and I've been thinking about picking up a pair for a while. I chose a lovely yellow pair and they are so comfortable.

Dave made a delicious lasagna on Saturday night and we invited my parents over to eat with us. I love having dinner guests during these long, winter months (plus, they brought chocolate cake!).

Dave in action!
I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!

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  1. love the slippers! My son calls himself Buggy Kowalski, ha. Buggy is a nick name since birth and he started the Kowalski after watching Monsters Inc.