Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Spending Break

Dave and I decided to take a break from spending money during the month of January. I was buying so many gifts and extra goodies during November and December that when January hit I didn't feel like I could stop. Spending money had sort of become a habit. So, we decided on a spending hiatus to help break the buying habit and to recover from all of our holiday purchases.

Of course we are allowed to pay our bills, buy food, and necessary household items (like paper towels and toothpaste), but books, clothes, plants, and decorative items are all off limits for now. At the beginning of the month, I found myself keeping a growing mental list of things that I wanted to buy on February 1st. Gradually, I settled into the new routine, and now enjoy deleting all of those store promotions that fill my inbox daily. I'm also feeling a bit more creative with the clothes and decor that I already own. Since I can't buy any new items, I'm forced to rework things that I already own.

I am kind of excited to see how low my credit card bill is in February...

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