Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three-day Weekend Wrap-up

My office was closed yesterday, so I enjoyed a relaxing three-day weekend (long weekends are the best!).

On Saturday morning I went to yoga and then Dave and I headed over to my parent's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. My dad ordered a delicious cake to celebrate - vanilla cake with raspberry filling. Yum! Dave and I hung out at home on Sunday. I drank tea, read magazines, and took a nap. Relaxing days always feel like such a treat.

Last night, I made beef and carrot ragu in my slow cooker for dinner. Dave and I gobbled it down and then watched Sunday night's episode of Downton Abbey. Are you watching Downton? I'm obsessed.

Food pictures: appetizing or gross-looking? I can never decide...
Have a good (short) week!


  1. I am also obsessed with Downton!! I just watched episode 3, and the preview for episode 4 stressed me out.

    This food photo: appetizing.

    1. Mel - the previews totally stress me out, too!!!

      I'm glad that the food photo looks appetizing. :)